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Thank you for visiting our website. At Fish-On Ice Fishing, we pride ourselves on our 5-star, all-inclusive client service where we do everything for our clients. We include absolutely everything you need for a memorable ice fishing experience. From top-of-the-line fishing equipment to individual personal underwater ice fishing cameras. We even cook fresh beer-battered perch fish tacos for you as you fish. 


Our professional ice fishing guides will accompany you on your adventure. Our guides will set up shelters, teach you everything there is to know about ice fishing, and much more.


Children and beginners are welcome! If you are eager to try ice fishing, why not guarantee a smooth introduction by booking with Fish-On Ice Fishing.

What We Fish For

Yellow Perch

Lake Simcoe is famous for its yellow perch fishery. There is an abundance of yellow perch, and they all eat very well. They get HUGE! Perch are a schooling fish, meaning that the action is consistent, predictable, and incredibly fun. Perch is our specialty, and because each one of our clients is given their own personal underwater ice fishing camera, it is an exciting opportunity to see these fish attack your lures in real time. They taste excellent and are easy to fillet, which is why our fresh perch fish tacos are such a hit with our clients. 



When fishing for yellow perch, we will usually run into a pike or two, as they live in the same waters and prey upon perch. Pike are ferocious carnivores, weighing up to 15 pounds. Pike are extremely powerful fish and put up an incredible fight. It is an exhilarating experience to see one come out of nowhere and charge at your lure.

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